In the dictionary, you will find two definitions of the word “MOJO” – “personal magnetism or charm” and “a magic charm or spell”. A great photo captures the personality and charm of a subject. That’s what we strive to do – capture your MOJO!

~ Pat Myers, Mojo Studios

Mojo Studios was born from the passion Pat Myers has for photography.  Pat began Mojo Studios in 2008 with a fresh approach to photography in the Tampa area.

The studio has earned a reputation for photography that is creative, beautiful, and, at once, both simple and sophisticated.

We go to great lengths to capture our clients in a way that’s unique to that person.  One way that we customize our work to capture you is to consult with you in person before scheduling a photo shoot.  We want to meet you and get to know you!  We want to understand what you like and what you are interested in.  From that, we customize your portrait experience to create fantastic images of you!

A little about Pat:

He’s really tall (6’ 7”) and, before you ask, no, he didn’t play basketball and the weather up there is just fine!  Pat is into sports of all kinds.  Part of what makes him such a great photographer is the desire to capture someone’s personality in creative and interesting ways.  He values activities, sports, music, and other parts of people’s personality.  It’s what makes someone special.  Even though Pat is so tall, don’t be surprised if, during your photo shoot, you see him lying on the ground or climbing all over things to get just the right angle or just the right shot.

Secret Weapon:    His ability to speak with a variety of accents and to make realistic animal noises

Can’t Live Without:    His Girlfriend (Sandi), Diet Coke, Peanut M&Ms, and the occasional good beer

Challenges:    Fitting in a Mini Cooper, airplane seats, finding clothes that fit right.

Enemies:    New York Yankees and Boston Celtics (he grew up an LA Dodgers fan and an LA Lakers fan)

Heroes:    Joe McNally and Joel Grimes

Special Power:    Pat is a kidney cancer survivor.  He always wears something that has “Livestrong” as a constant reminder to live to the fullest.

Little known fact:    Pat played baseball in college as a pitcher.  With his size, you might think he had a great fastball but, alas, he didn’t.  He did, however, go on to a career as a professional…in something other than sports!

Favorite reading material:    On the iPad – Tom Clancy novels, photography books, Sports Illustrated and ESPN.

Favorite movies:    Cars and The Matrix

Origin:    Born and raised in Albuquerque, NM.  Pat graduated from high school there and got his Bachelors and Masters degrees at New Mexico State and University of New Mexico respectively.  Pat and Sandi met and married in New Mexico before moving to Memphis, TN and then settling in Tampa in 2004.