A little about Sandi:

When you schedule your evening or weekend appointment, Sandi is the smiling face that everyone looks forward to seeing!  Sandi keeps Pat in-line and helps him keep everything running smoothly.  She also is the person who will catch the little things to make sure your photos are awesome!

Secret Weapon:  Her smile

Can’t Live Without:  Her iPhone, her coffee, and her boyfriend (Pat)

Challenges:   Technology!  She thinks she’s a techie, but…well…how to put this nicely…she secretly longs to have her Motorola RAZR phone back.

Enemy:  See challenges above…

Hero:  Jesus

Special Power:  The ability to fall asleep anywhere, anytime in less than 60 seconds

Little known fact:   Fantasizes about being on Dancing with the Stars and being paired with Maksim Chmerkovskiy!

Favorite reading material:  Audiobooks!

Favorite movies:  A Walk in the Clouds and Toy Story!

Origin:  Originally from Vancouver, BC.  Sandi moved frequently as a kid.  In addition to Vancouver, she lived in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Texas graduating with her bachelors from Texas A&M University – Gig ‘em Aggies!!

About Mojo Studios:

Mojo Studios was born from the passion Pat Myers has for photography.  Pat began Mojo Studios in 2008 with a fresh approach to photography in the Tampa area.

The studio has earned a reputation for photography that is creative, beautiful, and, at once, both simple and sophisticated.

We go to great lengths to capture our clients in a way that’s unique to that person.  One way that we customize our work to capture you is to consult with you in person before scheduling a photo shoot.  We want to meet you and get to know you!  We want to understand what you like and what you are interested in.  From that, we customize your portrait experience to create fantastic images of you!