Periodically, potential clients contact us to say that “CheapTog Studio” charges $300 for everything and wonder if we will match that price.  Other potential clients sometimes don’t call us because, without first seeing our work and our products, they sometimes think we are “too expensive” for them.

So, in response to these concerns, we have written an Open Letter to those who fear our pricing is too high…


Dear Potential Client,

Yes, our prices are higher than most others.  Are they “too expensive”?  That depends upon whether you value quality, creativity, professionalism, and a custom client experience.  Our philosophy is “you get what you pay for”.

In answer to the question – will we match “CheapTop Studio” pricing – in short, the answer is no.  We are not able to compete on price against “CheapTog Studio”.  “CheapTog” and other photographers who compete based on low price have spent several years in a race to the bottom – and it shows.  We have no doubt that you can get pictures with them (and from many other ‘good enough’ photographers) for cheaper than us.

At Mojo Studios, our sessions, services, photography, experience, and products are different.

We invest a tremendous amount of time into educating ourselves year after year in everything that goes into our sessions – lighting, posing, colors, fashions, locations, experience, and every little detail that allows you to relax and put your trust completely in us to create something amazing just for you. You can relax and know that everything will turn out perfect each and every time, and will be a true and authentic representation of who you are, and not something that looks the same from one person to the next.

We employ professional makeup artists to create the perfect camera-ready look that is true to who you are, removing the stress of trying to do it yourself.  All of our equipment is of the highest professional grade, as we do not take chances with your images. We want to ensure that all of the technical aspects of each image – from the color to the focus, from the exposure to the resolution – are perfect, and will last for several lifetimes in all formats.

Our products are only the best when it comes to displaying your images – we are not looking to ‘save a buck’ when it comes to quality.  We also ensure that you have true professionals to help you in creating displays that fit the decor in your home and are laid out in a manner that tells a story.

Our clients have told us over and over, year after year, how life-changing our sessions are.  The long-term relationships we build with our clients allow us to truly create something that goes much deeper than just ‘clicking a shutter repeatedly and hoping for something good.’

We have built confidence, self esteem, friendships, memories, excitement, and connections, just to name a few.  Not every senior or parent sees the value in investing in the Mojo Studios experience.  But if you do, you will see for yourself how priceless it truly is.  On the financial side, our products, images, and the feelings that go along with the experience will be around a lot longer than a pair of shoes, an outfit, that new piece of furniture, a vacation, an iPhone, a car, and so much more.

So ultimately, if you feel that the experience and services that we offer are even a little better than the others – and that the experience, quality, and value are something that matter to you – then Mojo Studios is your choice.  The difference in the financial costs are negligible when you consider how you’ll feel every time you look at an image from your session.

Every year we photograph several clients who originally went to another photographer, thinking that they were saving a buck.  Once they realized the difference, however, they realized the value of the ‘good deal’ on price actually cost them more time, money and disappointment in the outcome.  We would love to invite you to a one-on-one consultation so that we can show you firsthand what we are truly about.

We hope that you will become part of the Mojo Studios family, as we are committed to our clients and the relationships they trust us with for years to come. Please give us a call at the studio at 813-774-9444 so that we can answer any questions you may have and so we can schedule a time to meet that works with your schedule.

All the Best,

Mojo Studios