Wharton High School graduate Kathryn Attar’s senior pictures photographed in Tampa Bay at Mojo Studios (in-studio), Downtown Tampa, and Treasure Island, FL.

Location:   In-Studio, Downtown Tampa, and Treasure Island, FL

Photographer:  Pat Myers

Hair & Makeup Artist:  Ashley Cantero

Assistant & Stylist:  Sandi Myers

Kathryn will be attending Yale University.

Kathryn may be retiring her Wharton Wildcat jersey, but she’s not done rocking the navy blue and white.  As she turns the page on her career at Wharton High, she’ll be beginning a new legacy as a collegiate athlete at Yale University.  Yet, Kathryn argues that volleyball has given her much more than a division one scholarship.

A mentor, motivator and captain to both her high school and competitive teams the last four years –  volleyball has allowed her opportunities like, “traveling the US, opening doors for schools, meeting a wide variety of people and practicing lifelong skills like working well in groups.” –Kathryn Attar

Sporting her first pair of knee pads at only eight years old, it was clear that her volleyball career would take her far beyond the 2007 YMCA Championships.  Her skills developed as quickly as her love for the sport as she increasingly found herself dedicating more and more time and heart to the court.  By age 11, Kathryn was playing competitively, by freshman year she was dominating on the varsity squad, and two years later she found herself committed to a division-one school.

But today, as Kathryn packs up her cardboard boxes marked ‘college’, she’s not worried about bubble-wrapping her All-State Medals, MVP trophies or Team USA certificates.  No – instead, she packs up her cardboard boxes and her heart dwells on the intangibles – the memories, the friendships, and the irreplaceable feeling of home.  As deeply intertwined as she has become with volleyball the last 18 years, it is still far from the only thread in the fabric of her life. So, yes, she packs her cardboard boxes and dreams of the new legacy awaiting her, but she also stops and remembers the one that she must leave behind.  Kathryn says,  “If I were to tell [my team] one thing it would be to not fold in the face of a challenge, even when nobody believes…and to beat Plant, please.”

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Kathryn Attar’s Album